Professor in Visual Art Education

Daniel D. King Middle School

School Description

This vibrant and multicultural school of over 400 students employs 30 teachers and over 25 support staff. Students range in age from twelve to fourteen and are in grade seven, eight and nine. The school is set close to the city’s largest University in the centre of an older suburb, established in the early 1970’s. The residents are largely middle class.

Program and Focus

The school focuses on it’s various non-core subjects to attract new students. It boasts a cutting edge visual arts program, digital film and broadcasting journalism courses, band, choir and contemporary music along with a variety of practical arts courses. The digital film and contemporary band programs are particularly celebrated. These courses utilize the power of popular culture to engage students.

Overriding Impetus

In this program students are offered multiple ways to explore new media; from broadcasting and documenting school events to creating short films and music videos. Explorations of popular culture are both engaging to the students while simultaneously offering opportunities to critically consider ways in which we engage with culture and new media.

“That’s what I try to do…is open their eyes and try to inspire them creatively and then see what happens; see the change in them.” Dean, 2011