Orangeville Collegiate Institute

School Description

This dual track school (French Immersion and English) houses upwards1500 students, employs over 70 teachers and 35 support staff. It covers grade none through grade twelve. Students range in age from twelve to fourteen and are in grade seven, eight and nine. The school is set far from the city centre in an older suburb, established in the early 1970’s. The residents are largely middle class.

Program and Focus

The school focuses on academic success and offeres rich and diverse course and extra-curricular opportunities in the arts and in athletics.

The film program is an exceptionally and increasingly popular program taught by two teachers. Their comprehensive program covers theory, production, history and aesthetic aspects of film making.

Overriding Impetus

The film program uses top of the line professional equipment with a view to reproduce and create Hollywood style productions; both shorts and feature length films.

“My overarching goal is to produce leaders…and destroy the artificial environment that high school is…” Jan, 2011