Professor in Visual Art Education

Applewood Alternative

School Description

Applewood school is located in a tough, economically challenged inner city neighbourhood. Sixteen staff and 200 students populate the building. Most students are at risk and many have Aboriginal heritages. The school offers  grade ten, eleven and twelve courses for all core subjects along with an art and film program.

Program and Focus

The programming at this school is flexible and individualized to allow the students the best possible opportunities towards obtaining their high school credits.

The film program is run by two teachers whose skills in drama and film-making compliment one another. They focus on both feature and short films and connect their program to the professional film community around them.

Overriding Impetus

The film work in this program is designed top be personally meaningful and even at time therapeutic as students work through personal issues in the telling of their stories.

“…and actually, storytelling, it’s who we are and it’s all we’ve got…it’s about making meaning and and it’s healing.” Jeff, 2011