Professor in Visual Art Education

Viewers watching digital video
Grade eleven student work, Digital still video, Winnipeg, Canada

Project Title: Teacher Support in Virtual Classrooms

Dates: 2004 to 2009

Each school community has its unique identity. It is forged from its beginnings: its past histories, its architecture, its inimitable locality, its ever-changing neighborhoods, and the many people who graduated leaving remnants and shadows behind. This distinctiveness is formed by the present: by educators, students and administrators who shape an identity constantly in flux and currently vibrant. Each school has a unique presence that students will be given the opportunity to capture and visually represent from their own perspective. A unique project at the middle and senior years was developed over a three-year period in which students explored and captured and shaped their capricious school community visually. All teachers involved in this project explored the concepts of school community using multimodal educational approaches including traditional, integrated, and digital texts within a Winnipeg School Board.

Grants by: 

  1. University of Manitoba Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (UM/SSHRC). Research Grant. 2005-2007
  2. University Research Grant Program (URGP). University of Manitoba. Research Grant. 2003-2004.