Video Programs

Project Description

The question we ask is the following: how are teachers who work within new media arts based programs successfully and creatively integrating new technologies, specifically video, with arts in their curriculum?

This case study is about best practices in new media/video education by identifying consistent themes arising from model schools whose teachers have met with success in using new media and video in their classes.

Key Objectives

To identify and describe schools’ and programs’ mandates

To record and report educators’ teaching approaches, values and beliefs about new media

To collect, document and analyze ways teachers are teaching new media

Data Collection

Observations, interviews, and student art were collected from four schools all located in a mid-sized city in central Canada; one early years (grade five/six), one middle years (grades seven/eight/nine) one suburban high school and an inner city high school (grades ten/eleven/twelve). Data collection took place over the period of one and a half years; September 2010 to December of 2011.


The SSHRC Standard Research Grants Program

*All images are copyright free or taken by students, teachers, the researcher and the research assistant.

*Pseudonyms are used for all schools, students and teachers involved.