Professor in Visual Art Education


Project Title: Pedagogy and Curricula Development in Virtual Environments

Dates: 2004 to 2010

Accomplishments: Description of the Research Obtained: Dr. Black collected data at three high schools in Canada: two in Toronto and one in Nova Scotia in order to analyze the way in which educators who work with new media arts-based programs successfully integrate new digital technologies, specifically including video with visual arts, in their curriculum. For the research she examined three exemplary programs in order to disseminate this knowledge so that other teachers embarking on work in new media or who are working in new media already can examine and learn from these exemplary programs and educators.

Summary of the Major Research Findings:

For the qualitative research study Dr. Black found that in all three schools what I term “visionary” educators were directing the programs. These educators approached teaching using and advocating for the use of the following pedagogical strategies within their programs: (1) developing a program with at least three teachers and a maximum of eleven working together; (2) integrating the visual arts with technology and with other areas of the secondary school curriculum; (3) breaking down the “walls of the schools” so that students showed their work within a local, national and international community via the usage of the web and festivals, competitions, and community events; (4) having professional visual artists, new media experts, computer advisors visit the schools to speak and share their knowledge with students; and finally (5) ensuring students visit institutions and/or work with experts within the new media visual arts community.

Grants by:

  1. Imperial Oil Academy of Learning in Science, Mathematics and Technology.
    University of Manitoba. Small Scale Research Grant. 2009-2010.
  2. Imperial Oil Academy of Learning in Science, Mathematics and Technology. University of Manitoba. Research Grant. 2004-2009.